A small selection of articles featuring Europa International which appeared over the years. Very nice to look back on.

cosmetic surgery Prague


cosmetic surgery Prague

Mick Abrahams (founder of Jethro Tull)

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cosmetic surgery Prague

One and only Sylvia Hauser

cosmetic surgery Prague

Sarah Flowers Very Kind lady

cosmetic surgery Prague

Joanna from Corby

cosmetic surgery Prague

Vanessa Myers..where are you now?

cosmetic surgery Prague

Teresa Cusack We became great mates!

cosmetic surgery Prague

Feather Breast Lift

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Our modern, private clinic of plastic and cosmetic surgery

is situated in a quiet location in the historic city centre of Prague. Our priorities are professionalism, reliability, responsiveness and fully standardised operating procedures. We provide only the best and long-tested operating methods in accordance with EU standards.

highly qualified team of medical professionals,