Weight Loss Pills With Lexapro >> save Time and Money

Weight Loss Pills With Lexapro >> save Time and Money

Weight Loss Pills With Lexapro
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Lexapro is used for treating depression or generalized anxiety disorder.

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facelift surgery





Below images: before and after facelift surgery -Very natural we say!

Facelift SurgeryFacelift surgery

Yet today here we are and have the bus pass and pension book to prove the passage of time.  Also, there’s another big reminder of the passing years – you’ve got an ageing face and body to go with all those memories.  Today you see all those lines and you see ‘old’.  Most people are OK with that, but there are others- (our clients) who do not enjoy looking in the mirror anymore.


A baby boomer that’s you and a rebellious one at that!  Don’t mind growing old but not actually enjoy so much-‘looking it!’

So what about the idea of facelift surgery?

Maybe you are beginning to think there must be something which can be done?  You want to make growing older more elegant and graceful.

Especially someone ‘like you’ who still feels at times rash and wild like in your earlier days – hippie-like. Someone certainly who is not afraid of the cosmetic surgery route.

Accutane prescription london that’s the industry I have been involved in since 1996.  The business of rectifying the damage to your confidence and beauty with the passing of the years.   Since 1996,  Europa International  (based in Luton)  have gained a widely acclaimed reputation in the sphere of plastic and cosmetic surgery at our Prague facility.  Serving more than 20,000 patients.  Having appeared in virtually every national print media as well as  BBC Look East, and Anglia T.V. Trust in us to be at your side whilst you transform back into a younger you.

Doris Day

Legendary Doris day

Carnaby Street






1970s Disco

seventies styles

What you look like now on the outside – no longer fits in with how you feel on the inside.

You feel in the prime of your life but your body says otherwise.  That’s typical.  Dare to express the inner you with a facelift. Get rid of those bags under your eyes and put a youthful smile back on you face – that perfect smile you always dreamt of-yes, we can fix that too!

facelift surgery

Abba image

facelift surgery

1980s pictures


Today elderly folk are often categorised as a generation of people who only look forward to bridge clubs, afternoon tea dances, trips to the bingo etc!

is that what we have to expect and accept?

Could this be you..soon?  Comfortable, typical, lovely, everyone’s favourite grandma!

facelift surgery










Or…alternatively a bit more risque!

You may prefer this kind of appearance.

Libby, same age group. Before and after facelift surgery images.

Facelift Surgery

Hope we have given you something to think about.

Contact us at:  europacosmetic@gmail.com     Tel. 07543 550 660


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